February/March 2003
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     Dear CBN,

[an error occurred while processing this directive]You are not the only good brewspaper, but you are certainly the Best!
I am Bill Sand -- Brew Man. I am not a Certified Beer Judge or a brewmaster. I am simply a man who loves great beer.
I recently went brewpub-hopping. I was gone for three months and visited 67 brewpubs. I was armed with several issues of the Celebrator. I put 10,300 miles on my car.
More recently, I left my home in Hurleyville, N.Y., to attend an IPA festival at Lucky Baldwin's in Pasadena, Calif. It was fantastic! I learned of this event in the Celebrator. David [Farnsworth] of Lucky Baldwin's really knows how to throw a great beer blast!
Since then I've attended a Fresh Hop Ale Tasting at the famous Brickskeller in D.C. Again, thank you, Celebrator, for bringing this event to my attention. It was great to meet a beer god like Vinnie [Cilurzo] of Russian River Brewing. He made terrific contributions to the event. It was also great to meet the legendary Dave Alexander of the Brickskeller. Thank you, Tom Dalldorf, for hosting this great event. My only regret is that I didn't bring my bass guitar. I would have enjoyed adding some bass runs to the Rolling Boil Blues Band.
Thank you, Celebrator, for helping make this the greatest time in human history to be a person who loves beer.
Bill Sand
Hurleyville, N.Y.

Dear Bill:
The Rolling Boil Blues Band could certainly use the runs (as you suggested). Hope we can hook up at the Celebrator anniversary party in February. --Ed.

Dear Editor:
Reading the Dec./Jan. editorial brought to mind what a fine example you are. Thanks to you, Bret, Judy, Bill Owens, Bob Atkinson and all your beer cronies, my eyes and taste buds were opened to the delectable world of fine brews. No longer do I take a bottle of wine to Christmas, but a magnum of Anchor Special Ale.
I found it surprising that we drink more beer than the Chinese. I recently returned from China, where each meal (after 11a.m.) was served with your choice of water, soda or beer! Mmmm, let me decide. Now it wasn't the best beer, but it was beer. I too will try to share with others as you have shared with me. Thanks for the Celebrator Beer News!
Susie Calhoune
Lodi, Calif.

Dear Susie:
Should we contemplate a Chinese edition of the Celebrator? --Ed.

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