February/March 2003
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New Releases

     Cinder Cone Red

[an error occurred while processing this directive]Deschutes Brewery, Oregon
Deschutes's newest seasonal, Cinder Cone Red is an amber ale brewed with four caramel malts and a hint of dark roasted barley along with East Kent Goldings and Tettnang hops. Red-copper in color with hop character in the nose predominating. A medium-bodied amber, it begins with creamy malts that give way to a big hop finish. Recommended.

Half Pipe Porter
Full Sail Brewing Co., Oregon
The first of a new series of seasonal beers from Full Sail that will each feature a different extreme sport popular in the Columbia River Gorge area of Oregon, which is home to the brewery. Half Pipe Porter is a brown porter made with caramel and chocolate malts and Mt. Hood hops. Dark opaque black/brown color with a mocha head. Aromas of roasted coffee and subtle sweetness. Malt-forward with soft hop character. The finish is extraordinary with a great integration of flavors. Outstanding!

Ross Valley Brewing Co., California
A bottle-conditioned beer resulting in a slightly cloudy orange-amber color with citrusy hop aromas in the nose. Dense and creamy and extremely well-balanced, especially for an IPA. Still has big hop flavor but not the overpowering kind we've come to expect here on the left coast -- yet it's not quite an English style, either. A nice, harmonious beer with a very long, lingering finish. Great Hera, what a beer! Highly recommended.

Kölsch Golden Ale
Ross Valley Brewing Co., California
A bottle-conditioned beer that's surprisingly clear. Straw-gold color, a very thick head and excellent Brussels lace. The nose includes aromas of apples and a slight sweetness. Very creamy flavors with a subtle apple-crispness and outstanding conditioning. Very refreshing and true to style. It's golden delicious with loads of a-peel! Highly recommended.

Repack Red Ale
Ross Valley Brewing Co., California
Another bottle-conditioned beer with red-copper color and a dense, creamy head. Like ambers of old (OK, 10 years ago), with more muted hops and a modest finish -- one that lingers but doesn't overstay its welcome. Very well made. Recommended.

Namibia Breweries Ltd., Namibia
I don't know about you, but when I think of great bocks, Africa does not leap to mind. Reddish-amber color and a nice creamy head with good lace. Sweet maple dominates the nose. Chewy flavors with hints of maple sweetness, caramelized orange flavors and a mild hop finish. Would make an excellent dessert beer. Available through the Michael Jackson Real Beer Tour (www.realbeer.com). Highly recommended.


Other New Releases We Haven't Tasted Yet

Milk Stout
Left Hand Brewing Co., Colorado
After a successful launch as a seasonal last year only in 22-ounce bottles, the popular Milk Stout from Left Hand is now available in six-packs. Characterized as a "session stout," this beer is a sweet stout with added powdered milk for extra milk flavor and chocolate malts for a delicious taste treat. It certainly gives new meaning to the phrase "pull me a pint."

El Toro Brewing Co., California
Yo, El Toro's newest beer, is named for the Aztec God Xipe Totec, whose nickname was Yohuallahuantzin, which means "inebriated in the night." The beer is an unfiltered English-style strong ale.

Does your brewery have a new release or new seasonal release? To have it listed here, please send at least two bottles, a flat label and information about the beer to the CBN offices to arrive no later than March 3, 2003.

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