February/March 2003
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Well Wishes from Washington

     Brewers' Association of America

[an error occurred while processing this directive]Tom and the Celebrator Beer News have wasted 15 years making sure we don't forget that, after all, it's about the beer. Through constant attention to the activities of breweries and beer lovers, the Celebrator has kept all of us alive to the fun and excitement of small brewers' beers. Often irreverent, but never irrelevant, the Celebrator is just that -- our own celebration! The staff of the Brewers' Association of America stands, faces west to California and raises a pint. "To the next 15 years!"
Daniel Bradford, President
Brewers' Association of America

The Celebrator Beer News is turning sweet 15. My sincerest congrats to Tom and staff! D.C. raises a pint to your continued success, my friend. Here's to hops in your get-a-long, may your taps runneth over. It's all so simple, really. Love the beer!
From a time when the craft-beer movement was a handful of pioneering brewers and beer drinkers seeking more, to now, where our small but firmly entrenched and constantly growing segment of the alcoholic beverage industry is being eyed by the macro-brewers, Tom's Celebrator Beer News has been there -- spreading the word and loving the beer. Reaching the masses. Providing a venue for small brewers to be heard. Loving the beer. Tom can take great pride in knowing his missionary work is in no small way responsible for all of us all across the land being able to enjoy fine brews from craft breweries right in our own hometowns.
All my sincerest wishes for continued success to you and them close to ya. I also must thank you for personally introducing wet-hopped, fresh harvest ales to the East Coast (yum!). Congrats again and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! CBN4life, baby!
Cheers to all, have a great party and tip one for Dave at the Brick. But give Tom the tab, please --
Dave Alexander
Washington, D.C.

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