April/May 2003
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April/May 2003 Cover

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Notes from the Publisher

Fifteen Years of Cheers and Beers!

     It was quite a gathering of industry mavens, conscientious consumers and, most especially, Celebrator writers when the beer moon aligned with bars in San Francisco in mid-February for our little beer rag's 15 anniversary party at the Great American Music Hall.

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     Who would've thunk it! A 12-page quarter-fold tabloid "brewspaper" dedicated to writing about the good beer in California in the late '80s (such that it was) has grown to be our proud, colorful multipage bearer of good beer news throughout the country and beyond. What a long, strange sip indeed!

     We sadly had to turn down many offers of great beer from exceptional breweries because of limited space at the hallowed music venue down the block from the notorious Mitchell Brothers sex emporium. Class all the way: Our sponsoring breweries were all veterans of the beer renaissance, some of whom were also celebrating 15-year anniversaries with us. Pouring were Alaskan, Anchor, Anderson Valley, BridgePort, Full Sail, Portland/MacTarnahan's, Pyramid, Samuel Adams, Tied House, Unibroue and Widmer. Many thanks to these fine breweries for the generous support.

     A large contingent of homebrewers from QUAFF in San Diego attended, as they were in town to accept the Homebrew Club of the Year award at Anchor Brewery. Many attendees traveled even greater distances to make the event truly special. Notably, we had the largest gathering of Celebrator writers at any event in our history! Check out the group photo on our party poster in this issue.

     We are honored by the enthusiasm and support given us by beer lovers and producers alike. Moreover, the spirit of the beer community that seems to grow and develop every year in depth, breadth and sophistication encourages us to renew our commitment to sourcing the best news, views and information from the most informed writers for today's beer-loving fans.

     Turn on a friend to the joys of craft-brewed beer this week and spread the love. Your local brewers depend on it.

Copyright 2003, Celebrator No material herein may be reprinted without permission of the Celebrator Distributed On the W3 For personal, non-commercial enjoyment and use only. Cheers!

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