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New Releases

     Dale's Pale Ale

[an error occurred while processing this directive]Oskar Blues Brewery, Colorado

     A craft beer in a can? OK, we're game. There are quite a few situations in which a decent beer in a can would be very welcome (e.g., the golf course, the beach, around the pool). Dale's is bright orange in color with a big, thick head. It has good malt character and assertive hopping. From the taste, it is not apparent that it came from a can. Enjoy a can in front of your favorite beer snob. Highly Recommended.

Pale Ale
E. J. Phair Brewing Co., California

     Nice orange-amber color; grapefruit, lemony citrus aromas. Lightly hopped with clean, mild flavors and a spicy aftertaste. Recommended.

E. J. Phair Brewing Co., California

     Yellow-gold with light aromas. Clean, though almost ale-like rather than traditional in its taste profile. Still, a satisfying, quaffable beer. We'd like to taste this beer after additional lagering. Recommended.

St. Edmund English Ale
Greene King, England

     A fine amber-brown color with a rich tan head. Subtle, very English hop aromas and a rich brown chocolate-colored head. Malty sweetness with hints of fruit in the aftertaste. A truly unique beer. Available through the Michael Jackson Real Beer Tour (www.realbeer.com). Highly Recommended.

St. Feuillien Triple Abbey Ale
St. Feuillien Brewery, Belgium

     Bottle-conditioned, with cloudy gold color and a huge, pillowy white head. With a rich nose of apricots and other fruits, it's very complex with an invitingly subtle array of aromas. Creamy and complex on the tongue with a pleasant finish with hints of cinnamon, tropical fruits -- especially melon. Absolute heaven! Available through the Michael Jackson Real Beer Tour (www.realbeer.com). Outstanding.

Switchback Ale
Full Sail Brewing Co., Oregon

     This is Full Sail's new spring seasonal beer, an American red amber. Not surprisingly, it has red-amber color and a tan head with nice lace. Good hopping but not too much. Very well-balanced. It's very refreshing -- a beer lover's quaffing beer. Highly Recommended.

Barley Ryne
Valley Brewing Co., California

     Apparently this is a barley wine-style ale made with rye. As such, it's a very unusual beer. But if you like the characteristics that rye imparts (and we do!), then this beer's for you. It's reddish-brown with a substantial head. Sweet and malt-forward, with subtle hopping and an enjoyable grainy mouthfeel. Very creamy, very different, and very yummy! Highly Recommended.


Other New Releases We Haven't Tasted Yet

Drop Top Amber Ale
Widmer Brothers Brewing Co., Oregon

     Widmer's spring seasonal is a cross between an American amber ale and many other styles, such as märzens, brown ales and cream stouts. Using such unique ingredients as Simcoe hops, honey malt and milk sugar, they've created a beer unlike any other they've brewed before.

Reggae on the River Red Tail Ale
Mendocino Brewing Co., California

     To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Mendocino Brewing is releasing a commemorative 22-oz. bottle of Red Tail Ale that also commemorates another 20-year-old: the Reggae on the River Festival. Artwork is by local artist Jesse Miller, and part of the proceeds of each bottle sold will be donated to the Mateel Community Center. This year's festival will be held August 1-3. For more details about the festival, visit www.reggaeontheriver.com.


     Does your brewery have a new release or new seasonal release? To have it listed here, please send at least two bottles, a flat label and information about the beer to the CBN offices to arrive no later than May 5.

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