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Belgian Beer
BeerAdvocate's Belgian Beer in Boston
On October 26–27, Belgium once again returned to Boston. The Brothers Alström, Jason and Todd, and a fine supporting cast hosted another excellent celebration of Belgian and Belgian-inspired beers.

The weekend began with the “Night of the Funk” on Friday evening, featuring over 40 different brews produced using methods such as spontaneous fermentation, maturation in wooden barrels, intentional infection with wild yeast strains or bacteria, or other “funky” ingredients or techniques, as described by the Bros. Attendance was limited to 500 beer lovers, making for a comfortable event.

A very rare keg of Boon Lambic, referred to as simply “17B,” was one of the great beers of the night, as were Kriek du Cambridge from Cambridge Brewing in Boston, and La Folie from New Belgium. The Sunset Grill provided tasty foods, such as cheeses and mussels, while the Waffle Haus turned out its always-exceptional treats (the owners are from Antwerp, so the waffles are the real deal!).

There was also a speaker panel, featuring Rob Tod of Allagash, Will Meyers of Cambridge Brewing, Don Feinberg of Vanberg & DeWulf, and Randy Thiel of Ommegang.

On Saturday, the Return of the Belgian Beer Fest was on. This, the third edition of the fest, had two sessions in which 100+ Belgian and Belgian-inspired brews were offered. Some of the standouts were Brasserie de la Senne Zinnebir Xmas; De Glazen Toren Jan de Lichte; Cambridge Brewing Golden Ring; Port Brewing Mother Pucker; Serafijn Grand Cru; Sixpoint Belgian IPA; and the always-great Saison Dupont.

There were two stellar speaker panels. The first featured notables such as Brewmaster Gumer Santos of Trappistes Rochefort; Tomme Arthur of Port Brewing/Lost Abbey; Randy Thiel of Ommegang; Dan Shelton of Shelton Brothers; and Joe Lipa of importer Merchant du Vin. In the evening, Yvan de Baets, of both Brasserie de la Senne and Brasserie Cantillon, was joined by Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head; Daniel Lanigan of the Moan and Dove; Luc Van Mechelen of Manneken-Brussel Imports; and Fred Hamp of Harpoon. The talks were very interesting, and servers kept both speakers and attendees well supplied with tasty brews.

The BeerAdvocate Belgian Beer Fest has a very successful formula: lots of tasty beers and foods on offer, limited attendance and speaker panels with some of the most interesting people in the world of good beer.

Todd had this to say after the fest: “Despite the World Series chaos, Night of the Funk and the Belgian Beer Fest was a massive success and once again roused the minds and palates of average beer drinkers. We're looking forward to hosting it again next year and raising the awareness, education and selection bar even higher.”

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