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Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus (61 A.D. to 112 A.D.), better known as Pliny the Younger, was a lawyer. His legal talents might come in handy with the revelation that Pliny the Younger (the beer) — that rare, elusive treat that comes out as frequently as Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day and makes beer geeks line up for blocks at the Russian River brewery in Santa Rosa for a glass or a growler — is for sale on eBay! What??? Problem: They don’t bottle Pliny the Younger. Oops. Some scallywag bottled up Lord knows what and put it on eBay for profit. The brewery was not amused.

Co-owner Natalie Cilurzo posted her thoughts on the theft on her blog: “They probably drank out of the glass before pouring it into their makeshift to-go container, too. Yuk! Or, perhaps, the contents of this bottle are someone’s homebrew, or not even beer! They did not even bother to make a label!” Take a deep breath, Natalie. Having an insanely popular beer is one thing, but having crappy knockoffs on eBay is quite another. “If you are a fan of Russian River and our craft brewing brethren, please help us put a stop to people selling beer illegally by not participating in any buying or selling activities of our products on eBay,” wrote Natalie. Meanwhile, two bottles of the Framboise that Russian River made for Breast Cancer Awareness Month turned up on eBay for $400 each. “Unbelievable!” said Natalie…

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama
have joined the homebrewing beer trend that’s sweeping the nation (and after this winter’s storms, you’ve got to admit that the nation needs sweeping). The first homebrewing couple served up a very special White House brew to welcome guests for the annual White House Super Bowl party. The beer was actually brewed by one of the White House chefs and is called White House Honey Ale. It uses one pound of honey from this year’s 160-pound harvest of honey from the White House beehive, which sits beside Mrs. Obama’s South Lawn Kitchen Garden. Concerned Tea Party types can relax, as the Obamas paid for the brewing equipment themselves, so there’s no impact on the national debt.

Commercial suds representing the two teams were also served. From Packer country, the White House ordered three cases of craft beer from Hinterland Brewery of Green Bay, Wis. Pennsylvania was represented by Pottsville’s Yuengling beer (from the oldest brewery in America). Finally, beer gets some cred from the Commander in Chief! A big social media campaign to get Steelers beer into the White House for the Super Bowl party ended on a flat note, however. They have gatekeepers at the White House…

They don’t get called “Rogue” for nothing, ya know. In celebration of World Toilet Day (yes, Virginia, there is such a thing), the Issaquah Brewhouse in Washington state offered hourly bathroom tours to its clientele. The men’s restroom was the site of a historic event, as 33 customers had the honor and privilege of being part of the largest bathroom tour ever given at the pub. Customers were treated to a tour of the facilities and given a takeaway Rogue gift bag, like all true celebrities get. Included during the tour was a taster of Yellow Snow IPA, dedicated to common sense. No, really…

So you think your beer was a little cheesy? England’s Belvoir Brewery produces a beer made with Stilton cheese from the Long Clawson Dairy. A byproduct of the Stilton cheese-making process is used in the production of the beer. Blue Brew is a chestnut-colored ale made by mixing whey with wort before fermenting. Reports suggest that the beer is more “creamy” than cheesy. That’s a good thing, as Martha Stewart might say. So, you might say that in beer-and-cheese-making, where there’s a will, there’s a whey…

If you are looking for a great guide
to the great beers of Colorado, try Tapping Colorado Craft Beer: A Guide to Centennial State Brewpubs. The renamed second edition has information about all 80 brewpubs in Colorado. The guide was originally titled Drinking and Driving in Colorado: A Guide to Colorado’s Brewpubs. Hmmm, who could have gotten MADD about that?…

A man sitting at home on the veranda with his wife
says, “I love you.” She asks, “Is that you or the beer talking?” He replies, “It’s me… talking to the beer.” You can send your condolences to his new room in intensive care… The Brickskeller, the legendary beer bar in Washington, D.C., is history. So what, you might ask, was the last beer served there? It was a Rogue Dead Guy Ale, reports Gregg Wiggins, the Celebrator’s Washington bureau chief, who adds, “And I actually have a photo of the woman from The Dalles, Ore., who ordered it.” Nice work, chief. What? No Mort Subite? La Fin du Monde?



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