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A big-rig carrying 45,000 pounds of BEER overturned, blocking two lanes of I-580 in Pleasanton, Calif., and brought traffic to a beery halt, according to local press. CHP Officer Daniel Hill said that while the doors of the trailer opened and some of the load fell out, the biggest challenge in removing the truck was getting the heavy trailer back upright. The beer needed to be removed before the trailer could be moved. “The cans of Coors Light and Pabst Blue Ribbon were on their way from Los Angeles to Richmond.” Hey, I thought they said “beer”! And thanks to Steve Atkinson for this tragic tale… After years without producing a full-time IPA, Dillon Dam Brewery in Colorado finally succumbed to customer pressure. Here’s Your Dam IPA is now among the pub’s top sellers… Duh!

Finally, a calculator that does something more interesting than arithmetic. The Booze Calculator will show you what country you are from as a drinker. Simply input three estimates of your typical weekly imbibing: pints of beer, glasses of wine and single measures of spirits. Voila! The machine tells you which country you are “from” and how that country ranks in terms of alcohol consumption. Try it at BTW, old Hop is a Romanian (coming from the country with the fifth-highest alcohol consumption in the world)…

Happy Birthday, Shiner: I guess when you turn 106, you skip the cake and go for the beer. Shiner is made by Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas, and is marking 106 years, so the brewery has come out with a birthday beer called, amazingly, Birthday Beer! The limited-edition spring seasonal is a chocolate stout at 5% abv and 18 IBUs with a slightly sweet finish and a very light body for a stout. Hoping they pull out the stops for the 107th b-day brew next year and go for 6% abv. Come on, Texas, you can do this…

A brewery in Bruges, Belgium (pronounced Brew-ga, unless you’re French-speaking, and don’t mention that to the Flemish), plans to install a pipeline under the city’s streets, linked to a bottling plant. The pipe will be nearly two miles long (a tad shorter than the Keystone XL pipeline), and it will be able to carry about 1,600 gallons of beer per hour. The pipeline will take 500 trucks off the city’s famous cobblestone streets. The brewery’s owner said the decision to keep brewing beer on the current site was made to maintain the brand’s character. “Real, genuine, town beer, city beer, like our beer — Brugse Zot — should be brewed on the original premises by the original family according to the original recipes,” said Xavier Vanneste, De Halve Maan brewery owner. Vanneste said the pipeline will be made of polyethylene. He says it will be stronger than steel, and he’s not worried about anyone tapping into it illegally underground. Construction is set to start next year. Look for some diverters along the pipeline shortly after that…

The reaction to a peculiar Connecticut beer has put local merchant Bhaskar Sureja in a tough position. He stocks Gandhi-Bot, a popular and hop-forward creation of New England Brewing Co. The image on the can generously borrows from that of beloved peace advocate Mahatma Gandhi, the father of India who famously abstained from alcohol and fought its influence on the country. Oops. A lawsuit filed in India against the brewery and its controversial beer label has left many divided. To Sureja, owner of Essex Wine & Spirits, the beer’s name is insulting — a view shared by other Indian American package store owners throughout the state. Many said that they would stop selling the brew because of the name. But not Sureja. “A lot of customers ask for it. I have to do my business according to what my customers need,” said Sureja, who grew up in the same town as Gandhi and shares his October 2 birth date. So far, the Woodbridge, Conn., craft brewery has apologized, saying that it never intended to offend anyone, let alone a large slice of India, home to the world’s largest democracy and a population second only to China’s. “We take great care in creating a product we hope will not be abused in the manner that Mahatma Gandhi spoke of when referencing alcohol,” the brewery said. “So many Indian people here in America love our tribute to him.” The orange beer cans feature a silver robotic incarnation of the Indian revolutionary, a portrait that New England Brewing intended as an homage and respectful celebration. At least the image does not have six arms and the head of an elephant… The market is wide open for a Prophet Muhammad Märzen…"



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