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New Beer Releases
Barley Wine Style Ale

Dark mahogany color with a good creamy head. Astringency on palate with roasty notes in finish. Lighter body, more like an imperial brown. Great new package. Restrained, with some tartness. 8.5% abv. Recommended.
Doppelbock, 21st Anniversary

Sweet, malty nose. Lacks big malt aroma but has nice, clean caramel malt flavors. Good hop balance with uncharacteristic bitter finish. Heading toward barley wine or possibly imperial brown? 8% abv. Recommended.
Firestone Walker XII

Complex nose of malt, barrel-aged wood and anise. Delightful dark chocolate flavors. This extraordinary beer was thoroughly enjoyed by our panel. Long jammy finish on the palate. A classic sipping beer. Viscous and rich. Snifter required, along with several friends. This beer will benefit from additional aging. 12% abv. Outstanding.
Hopfen Weisse

A cooperative effort between brewers Peter Hans Drexler (Schneider) and Garrett Oliver (Brooklyn). Muddy orange-golden color; beautiful head with great conditioning. Orange blossoms and lemongrass aromas. Delicate effervescence. Creamy richness in the texture and a jasmine-like note in the finish. Remarkably delicate yet full-bodied. A great food beer, unbelievably silky on the palate at 8.2% abv. Outstanding.
Imperial Porter

Beautiful color, good head, strong notes of coffee and roast in nose. Pronounced diacetyl and firm bittering. Mild body for imperial designation. 7.1% abv. Recommended.
Obovoid Oak-Aged Oatmeal Stout

Caramel malt aromas, some anise character. Complexity of malt is obvious, with drying in the finish. Good feel in mid-palate. Some vanilla character from the oak flavoring. Recommended.
Terra-rye’zd Black Rye Lager

Light nose, rye with lemon notes. Bitterness. Rye and coffee with citrus notes. Interesting experiment with the rye grain. A weird beer; not for everyone but interesting and different. A cooperative effort with Terrapin Beer Company in Georgia. Recommended for the adventurous palate.
The Abyss

Black on black, roasty brown head, engine oil viscosity. Creamy coffee molasses, some hop character and wonderful licorice notes along with roast and black patent malts. Slight bourbon and vanilla in background. Dry on palate. Big, rich mouthfeel. Dry finish with a hint of oak. We’d like to see more contribution from the oak. Highly Recommended.
The Dissident

Delightful sour aroma with cherry fruit. Sour, slightly lactic notes on the palate. Malt and sweet/sour character should be more complex, affording more depth of flavors. Great intro beer to the world of sour Flemish-style beers. Highly Recommended.

Chile pepper notes in the nose. Chocolate hints in the mouth. Peppery zip in the finish. This beer is yet another re-creation of historical beer ingredients. This unusual combination of flavors could work with some foods that match the component parts. For some tasters, the flavors didn’t quite come together. 9% abv. Recommended for the off-centered beer drinker.



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